Are Your Products Off-Kilter ?

9 out of 10 consumers will stop purchasing from brands that lack transparency. If companies are not transparent, consumers will look elsewhere and you will miss out on building genuine, long-lasting, open & secure relationships based on a single source of truth.

BlockChain Food For The Soul: Main Course

In this course you will learn how to create a blockchain application that covers the transport of a mangoes consignment from the ship to a lorry so that your consumers can stay with you for the long run.

  • Smart Contract

    Learn how to successfully drive business outcomes using business logic to orchestrate the beginnings of a smart contract.

  • Secure

    Learn how to use cryptography as a means to secure your transactions on the public blockchain.

  • Single Source Of Truth

    Learn how to add an inventory of goods on to the blockchain so that they are your single source of truth.

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BlockChain Food For The Soul

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